​​​​Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church Preschool

​                Nursery School   

Growing Minds specializes in Early Childhood.  

​They Offer:

  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Playful, expressive, experiential, integrative approach
  • Evidence-based best-practices including: Play Therapy, Playful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Filial Therapy, Behavioral Therapy from the root of the behavior, SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Emotions), Mindfulness, Theraplay
  • Parenting support and specialized strategies
  • Clinical assessment for comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths and needs
  • Guidance on referrals to other specialists
  • Support during 504, IEP, Child Find, Infants and Toddlers, ECMHS, and other county services processes
  • Kindergarten readiness social-emotional assessment
  • Kindergarten readiness therapy group and social skills therapy group

And Can Help With:

  • Tantrums and challenging behaviors
  • Daily Routines including: bedtime, mealtime, toilet training and accidents
  • Adjustment to family transitions, difficult times, grief and loss
  • Sibling and parent-child relationships
  • Regressive behaviors
  • Peer relationships, play skills, self-esteem
  • Risk of preschool expulsion
  • Support for new parents
  • Stress, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, depression, rigid thinking, OCD, attention differences, ADHD, developmental delays, gender identity questioning

Enrichment Programs for Social-Emotional Learning and Beyond!


Ages 3 - 5


Mondays beginning in January 2023

dates TBD from 2:30-3:30pm

Children engage in social-emotional, fine and gross motor development, and problem solving through playful experiences of building together. Each weekly session involves an opportunity to use a variety of materials to build a collaborative structure based on a story or problem that your child can help solve. Participants practice planning, taking turns, frustration tolerance, compromising, and communicating.


Mondays beginning in January 2023
dates TBD from 2:30-3:30pm

Does your child love books and stories? What about performing or creating their own plays and shows? In this class, children are engaged in social-emotional and literacy development through familiar and self-created stories. They get opportunities to practice a wide range of skills such as cooperation, turn taking, problem solving and self-regulation, as well as body movement and verbal language to communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Each 6 session program costs $200.

Make checks payable to BHPCNS and bring to the office.

Register HERE

Find out more: KirstinS@growingmindstherapy 301-235-9927 x7

MSDE License #71228   Mont. Cty. PEI License #27677

Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church Nursery School - 6601 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda MD  20817 301.365.2909 (office)  -  301.467.6784 (fax) - info@bhpcns.org

Growing Minds & BHPCNS

invite you to our Monday morning coffee series
Starting Monday, October 3rd
9:15-10:30 am 
BHPCNS Library

Drop your kiddos off and come join the conversation. Childcare provided in adjoining nursery for parents with children in T/Th program or families with younger children.

Growing Minds has been providing BHPCNS teachers with the best social-emotional methods to meet each child where he/she is emotionally and developmentally.  They have been a tremendous resource for Bradley Hills. We hope you will find their expertise in early childhood valuable as well. These topics are just a starting point for the conversation. All questions welcomed. Any topic can be discussed at any time. We hope you will join us!

Please RSVP so we know how much coffee to brew!

Oct 3 - Supporting separation challenges
Nov 14 - Holiday survival kit
Jan 9 - Kindergarten readiness
Feb 6 - Promoting siblings/social relationships
March 6 - Toilet prep and difficulties
April 17 - Picky eating and food avoidance
May 15 - Sleep challenges

​​​We have availability in our MWF & MTWThF Pre-K programs. Register today