Below is an overview of the Nursery School's application process.  More detailed information can be found in our Parent Handbook.

New Students
Applications for enrollment of new students are received by the Nursery School on a rolling basis for the following year.   A non-refundable application fee must accompany the application form.  

Current Students
Children currently enrolled my re-apply in late November/early December for the following year.   Applications will be available online at the appropriate time or you may pick up a paper copy in the office.  

Acceptance Policy
Applications from currently enrolled students that are received on the designated registration day(s) are processed first, in the order in which they were received.  Applications received before the registration day(s) will be processed as follows:

  1. Children previously enrolled
  2. Children whose parents are members of Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church
  3. Siblings of previously enrolled students
  4. Children enrolled in the Church School of Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church
  5. Previous applicants to the school
  6. All other applicants

Within each ranking priority is given to "earliest received" applications.

The Director of the Nursery School has the final authority to accept a child for admission.

Application Links

New Student Application 2018-19 school year

New Student Application 2017-18 school year

Young 2s' Application 2018-19 school year (program begins in Jan. 2019)

School Tours
We'd love for you to visit our school!  Tours are given at 10:00 or 10:45 a.m., unless otherwise noted.  Upcoming tour dates April 4, 19, 20, 30; May 2, 4, 10, 17.  Other dates may be arranged to fit your schedule.

To schedule please call 301-365-2909 or email

When scheduling a tour, please keep in mind that they are generally for adults only.  We find that it's easier for the parents to concentrate if the children don't come.  However, should you need to bring your child(ren), that is fine with us as well.

Miscellaneous Student Forms (Needed once you're enrolled.)

Health Inventory                             Supplemental Program Permissions Slip

Immunization Certificate                  Photography Policy

Blood Lead Testing Certificate           Acceptance of Policies and Receipt of BHPCNS Handbook  

Medication Authorization Form           

Allergy Action Plan

Asthma Action Plan

Emergency Form

All About my Child

Allergen Form (use when sending a snack to school to share with the class)


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Quick Links:

Application 2018-19(new students)

Application 2018-19 - Young 2s(begins in Jan. 2019)