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4-year-old Classes

3-year-old Classes

2-year-old Classes
Room 102, MTWThF (Hauck)
Room 105, MWF (Mac 'n Cheese)
Room 103, MWF (Allen)
Room 104, MWF (Barnett)
Room 105, TTh (Cardoni)
Room 103, TTh (Martin)
Room 108, MTWThF (Beck)
Room 107, MWF (Jacob) 
Room 107, TTh (Jacob)
Room 201, MTWThF (Richards)
Room 111, MTWThF (Coulton)
Room 117, MWF (Quijada)

Room 113, MTWThF (Myers)
Room 117, TTh (Quijada)

Room 104, Y2s (Barnett)

Weekly Themed/Activity Packets

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3/30-4/3Pre-K/4-year-old classes

                3-year-old classes

                2-year-old classes

​​​​​​​Upcoming Dates of Note:

School is closed until April 24, 2020 to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  We hope to resume classes April 27th.

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In response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic BHPCNS will be closed

until further notice.  Click on our Resources Tab for ideas of things to do at home with your children.

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